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CREALITY HALOT-MAGE PRO Resin 3D Printer Hyper-Speed 8K Printing 170mm/H 10.3” LCD Screen LCD MSLA Smart Pump Air Powerful CPU

CREALITY HALOT-MAGE PRO Resin 3D Printer Hyper-Speed 8K Printing 170mm/H 10.3” LCD Screen LCD MSLA Smart Pump Air Powerful CPU

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Brand Name: CREALITY 3D


CE Certification: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Slice Thickness: 0.05-0.15mm

Maximum Print Size: 228x128x230mm (6712cm³

Certification: CE

Language: Support 12 languages

Fliament: 405nm resins

Slice Software: USB drive, RJ45 cable, WiFi, Creality Cloud

Power Supply: 150W

Precision: 1-5s/layer

Operating System: Windows/Mac

File Format: STL/OBJ

Molding Technology: LCD

Voltage: 110-220V

XY Axis Accuracy: 0.05mm

Build Size: 228x128x230mm(6712cm3)

its: HALOT-MAGE PRO Creality 3D Printer

LCD Resolution: 8K (7680x4320)

Resin: 405nm resins

Printing Speed: 1-5s/layer

Layer Height: 0.05-0.15mm

LCD Screen: 10.3 inch monochrome screen

Display Screen: 4.3 inch color touchscreen

File Formats: STL/OBJ

Resin: 405nm resins

its: CL-103L Resin 3D Printer


its: Hyper-Speed Resin Printer

XY Resolution: 29.7μm

Printing Technology: LCD MSLA

Light Uniformity (%): >90%

Light Intensity: 8000±10%μW/cm²

Release Film: High-speed film

CREALITY HALOT-MAGE PRO Resin 3D Printer Hyper-speed 8K Printing 170mm/H 10.3” LCD Screen LCD MSLA Smart Pump Air Powerful CPU
Hyper-speed 8K Resin Printing
· 170mm/h Printing Speed
· 10.3" 8K Masking LCD
· Smart Resin Pump
· Smart Air Purifier
Printing Technology:LCD MSLA
Build Volume:228x128x230mm (6712cm³)
LCD Screen:10.3“ monochrome screen
LCD Resolution:8K (7680x4320)
Printing Speed:≤170mm/h
XY Resolution:29.7μm
170mm/h Epoch-making Speed; 3 to 5x faster than the competition ; while still keeping the quality.;Black magic, indeed. Agile "Dynax” ; Motion System ; Close-loop motor and dual linear rails. Only 1.2s interval for moving the build plate to print the next layer. Professional 10.3" 8K LCD Screen; 8K with 29.7μm XY resolution for delicate prints. The 10.3-inch monoLCD screen takes the build volume ; up to a new level Integral Light 3.0 ; 90%+ light uniformity, 8000uw/cm² ; light intensity, creating clean surfaces and crisp contours Powerful CPU and HALOT OS ;       A self-developed OS runs on a high-performance CPU.  It can sync data and commands with PC, phone, and Creality Cloud. Print Anywhere with Smart Connectivity ;  Easy remote control and monitoring from Creality Cloud or HALOT BOX. Simple to print via a USB drive or connect a USB camera Game-changing Smart Resin Pump ; Both resin fifill and withdrawal are automated. The feeding tube is free to stick into any container. Smart Air Purififier ; Powered and controlled by the printer, it absorbs odor with a 5.8 times larger activated carbon fifilter. A vent hole is also at the back. Orange "MageArch" Flip Lid Easy to flflip open and close with one hand. The orange tint blocks 99.89% of ambient ; UV light for minimal interference. Options for Productivity ; Wash&cure station, high-speed release fifilm, Crealtiy fast resin, Creality 8K high precision resin, USB camera, etc.